Frequent issues and questions about Classic Words™

The computer plays invalid / foreign words

First of all, make sure that the option "Prevent rare words" is enabled (Android only). If it is, but the computer still played words that you consider invalid, rare, or vulgar, please report these. I will make sure to remove them from the computer's vocabulary in the next update. Your feedback helps me to continually improve the game.

The game ended, but I still had letters on my rack

Here is how the game ends, and how the scores are tallied :

  • When all of the tiles have been taken from the bag and one player has used all of the tiles on their rack, then the game ends:
  • - The player who ended the game is given an added bonus equal to the points on the tiles left on the other player's rack.
    - The other player has this number deducted from his/her final score.
  • The game might also end prematurely, if both players pass their turn twice in a row.

Some valid words are rejected by the computer

The word lists used in Classic Words are extremely exhaustive. A word can only by rejected if it is:

  • a proper noun (cities, country or persons names etc.)
  • a word starting with a capital letter (Italian, Inuit, Monday, January...)
  • an acronym (NASA, DNA, FBI) or a word spelled with an hyphen (Yo-Yo)
  • a very rare word (e.g. some terms used only in a specific technical context, or in a phrase: e.g. Quo)

If a common word is refused even if properly placed on the board, it might be a bug. In this case, kindly send me a screenshot of the issue so that I can investigate, by "long pressing" the Shuffle button (Android only).

The computer cheats / it gets better letters than me

It is human nature to feel cheated when playing (losing) against computers. Still, I can guarantee that the computer does NOT cheat in Classic Words. The letters are also picked up from the bag randomly (no matter which difficulty level you have picked).

What does DL/DW/TL/TW mean ?

These labels mark premium tiles: Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter, Triple Word. Please note that their multiplying effect only applies to the first word that covers them (see the following section, "How are the scores of words computed").

How are the scores of words computed ?

  • Word scores are calculated by adding up the numbers on the tiles plus any additional points earned from using premium squares.
  • The premium squares multiply the value of the letter (Double/Triple Letter, DL/TL) or of the word (Double/Triple Word, DW/TW).
  • Any tiles that touch other tiles in adjacent rows must form complete words, crossword fashion, with all such tiles.
  • The player gets full score for all words formed or modified by their play. Common letters are counted (with appropriate premium value) in the score for each word.
  • Premium squares bonuses only apply for one move, i.e. when they are first covered by a letter.
  • Any player who plays all seven of their tiles in a single turn scores an additional 50 points (to be added AFTER doubling or tripling a word score): this is called a BINGO.

I want to play with friends

Classic Words Plus includes a pass-and-play mode: it means you can play against a friend, sharing the same Android device. Online multiplayer mode is not (yet) available.

I no longer see the messages showing the scores of the words

You can change the way word scores are displayed in the game Preferences (the option is "Score Display").

Why isn't there an American English list ?

Both English word lists contain both American and British spellings (eg. "colour" and "color" are both valid).
SOWPODS includes more rare words.

The ads are annoying

I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Unfortunately, as an independent developer, I have no control over the kind of ads that are served by the ad networks I work with.

However, the only ads I allow in the game are regular banners and full-screen ads (only after the end of a game). No pop-ups should ever appear if you don't touch the banners, and you should not be taken to the app store. In case this happens anyway, kindly send me a screenshot just after the issue so that I can investigate, by "long pressing" the Shuffle button (Android only).

Please note that if you'd like to get rid of the ads for good and support my work, you could buy Classic Words Plus from Google Play, or from the Amazon App Store.

Thank you for your comprehension.

My stats are not updating properly

Actually they are. Your percentage of victories might decrease faster when you lose a game, than it increases when you win one. This is perfectly normal.

Let's take an example to explain it better:

Let's say you won 8 out of 10 games (80% win):
- If you win the 11th game, your stats change to 9/11 = 82% (+2%)
- If you lose the 11th game, your stats change to 8/11 = 73% (-7%)

I cannot change the difficulty level

Please note that you cannot change the difficulty level or the word list of an ongoing game. You need to finish or discard the current game first, then change the difficulty for your new game.

I bought the Classic Words Plus on the Play Store and would like to install it on my new device

The apps you buy on Google Play Store are linked to your Google account. This means you can reinstall Classic Words™ Plus to new devices without paying for it again. Please refer to the Google Play help page for more information.

How come I almost always win the draw and start?

If you won the previous game, or if the computer got to start the previous game, then you have the privilege to start the next game (no draw). You can of course refuse this by simply passing on your first turn!

Why is Classic Words missing some features on my iPad/iPhone?

Indeed, Classic Words for iOS is currently lagging behind the Android version in terms of features. We plan to fill the gap with the next updates!

How can I change my user name and picture ?

Please follow these steps to change your Google Play Games nickname and avatar:

  1. Open the 'Play Games' app and click on your avatar in the header.
  2. Click the Pencil icon in the top right hand corner of the app.
  3. Pick a new 'Gamer ID'. You can also change your avatar image.
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